Birdie Bash


May 24, 2015!

Vibram Birdie Bash – $30 ($60 value!)

  • Two Rounds
  • Two Vibram discs (one putter and one mid or driver) OF YOUR CHOICE!
  • One Shirt (S-3X)
  • Vibram Mini & Sticker
  • Vibram DG Towel
  • Birdies or better to earn points



  • Champion Disc for the Winners (One for a Guy, One for a Lady, One for a Junior)
  • Spirit Award Disc
  • 2nd Round Prize
  • CTPs


  • Ace/Eagle: 5 points
  • Birdie: 2 points
  • Metal Hit: 1 point
  • New for 2015: If no points are scored on a hole, the closest to the pin after two throws earns a point.

Scoring Examples:

Example 1: A par 3. Your drive hits the basket but does not go in. You drain your birdie putt. You earn three points: 1 point for the metal hit on the drive, 2 points for the birdie.

Example 2: A par 3. Your drive goes way left and lands 150 feet away. Your 2nd shot is straight but low and hits the post. You earn one point and there is no need to putt out.

Example 3: A par 4. On your fourth shot, you tickle the chains and do not go in the basket. You get zero points since the shot that hit chains was not for birdie or better. As it turns out, there was actually no need to even throw the fourth shot, except for funsies.

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