Team Monkey Dust

If you’ve ever been to a tournament in Georgia (and the surrounding states), you’ve heard the shouts of “TMD!” during the awards ceremony.  People always ask ‘what is TMD’ and ‘why do they shout it’.

TMD Stands for Team Monkey Dust. It’s a close group of people that are hell-bent on growing the sport of Disc Golf and giving back to the community. Why do we shout TMD? because we can and it shows support for our teammates! We are a very diverse group of people: Touring Professionals, Serious Amateurs, Recreational Players, and People who just get things done. Above all, we all strive for the same goal: Make Disc Golf a better sport.

TMD does little things and big things to help make the scene a better place. Some examples are: We’ve provided fruit at various tournaments, we put on the Pam B. Childs Memorial every year, and we sponsor holes for various tournaments.

Team Captain:

Paul “Batman” Childs


Jason Allind
Chad “Catfish” Bearden
John Carson
Josh Childs
Scott Crackle
Matt “$” Dollar
Aaron “Sandy” Doyle
Mike Doyle
James Elkins
Matt Flynn
TomMac “Perpetual Probie” Garrett
Brian “BG” Graham
Brian “Action” Jackson
Jack Korn
Sara “Hashtag” Nicholson
Scott “Scotty-O” Odom
Dominic Randazzo
Mike Trello
Stephen “Red Demon” Trello

2015 Probationary Members:

Michael Downs
Alan Kane
Jason Pierre

Honorary Members:

Paul “Fritz” Finch (FL)
Craig Nettleship (Atlanta, GA)
Michael Sumner (?)

…and Tina.