ADGA Tag Rules

Augusta Disc Golf Association Bag Tag Rules

These tags are to add a little competitive fun for casual and tournament play for ADGA members. This is a symbol of your involvement and support for disc golf in the CSRA. If you find yourself becoming very serious about Tags, please take a moment to remember what you are getting upset over. Playing for tags can be a great way to add some friendly competition and identity to our group.

Please, please, please don’t ruin the enjoyment by being too serious.



  1. Tags are always in play during singles competition.
  2. Players may agree to play for tags in other formats as well.
  3. Format and rules should be agreed upon before the round.
  4. If you don’t have your tag, you may not participate in a challenge.


  1. In order for Bag Tag challenge play to work, all reasonable challenges must be accepted.
  2. Challenges are to be made by choosing times and courses that are reasonable.
  3. The higher Bag Tag number challenges the lower Bag Tag number. Challenges may be made by phone, computer, or in person.
  4. If the challenger wins the round, the tags are exchanged.
  5. Ties are won by the holder of the lower bag tag at the beginning of the round. However, players may agree to a playoff instead.
  6. If a player does not complete a bag tag challenge round, the exiting player should trade tags with the player with the highest tag number.

Tournament/League/Large Group Rounds:

  1. In tournament, league, or large group rounds, all tags are in play. If players are playing different layouts, tags shall be in play amongst the players in each group playing the same set of layouts.
  2. Before Round 1, tags should be collected by the player with the lowest tag number or whoever is willing.
  3. Following the last round, tags shall be distributed based on total score for the tournament.
  4. Any ties will result in the lower tag going to the player who started with a lower number.

Any questions should be addressed to the Board of Directors for the ADGA.

If you lose your tag, please let an ADGA board member know, there is a $10 replacement cost for lost tags.