Oh, you thought we were finished?

As you can see there are still more changes rolling out on the website. Our days/nights aren’t full enough and this is what happens when we get bored.

What happened to the menu bar?

We have added some drop down menu’s which should help you navigate easier. We also have added direct links to Club/League pages. All of our Announcements / Events are all filled under the “News” heading allowing you to select the exact type of news your interested in. You can also see all our news by simply clicking the “News” heading.


We also have a new sponsors page. If you know someone or a business that wishes to be a sponsor please feel free to have them contact us.  Please check back further as we tidy things up around here, plus add a few new items. We have lots more planned for the site so check back often and tell your friends.

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In keeping with JC’s announcement policy, I won’t be updating Facebook about this for awhile, but just for fun, post on Facebook “Drop it like it’s hot” err, I mean “I like it” if you like the new menu.