Firstly, let me just say I’m going to start posting things to the website first…to the order of days before I put them on Facebook.

Anyways, that’s right. A Raffle. No, not a waffle…although waffles sound good right now…pecan waffles…mmmm. sorry. Back on point here!

We are going to start a 50/25/25 raffle. You can buy tickets at any ADGA event, or from any of the Board members (see here for a list).

“A fifty twenty…what?!”

It’s simple. “Split-pot raffles or 50/50’s” split 50/50; 50 to the organization, 50 to the winner. Well, we wanted to be just a little different so we decided on the 50/25/25. This means 50% goes to the ADGA (to support the club and the Augusta Classic), 25% goes to winner #1, and 25% goes to winner #2.

“Ok, great! I wanna buy some tickets, how much?”
$1 per ticket. I promise we wont blow the money on mountain dew and doritos! The money is going to help the Augusta Classic, and anything left over will go into the general fund of the club.

“When will the drawing be?”
We are thinking, right now, that the drawing will be on the last day of the Augusta Classic. However, we have been discussing doing multiple drawings.

“Do I need to be present to win?”
No…as long as you put your name and phone number on the back of the ticket we keep. IF you don’t do this, then yes you do…because we don’t know who has that ticket. KEEP YOUR TICKET STUB. You need it to claim your prize. Stick it in your DG bag or somewhere safe where you won’t loose it or forget about it.

“How many can I buy?”
How much cash do you have? Speaking of: CASH ONLY. No checks please!

“Do I have to be a member of the ADGA to buy and/or win?”
Nope! ANYONE can buy a ticket and win!

“Can I buy tickets at Killer B?”
No. We ask a lot of Borelli already and we don’t want to over stay our welcome.

Oh, I forgot to tell you!

MVP Disc Sports has agreed to sponsor the Augusta Classic! You should write them (mvp@mvpdiscsports.com) and tell Brad thank you for sponsoring the Augusta Classic and the Augusta Disc Golf Association! (you know…they make the Vector, Anode, Axis, and Ion)

Avoid the Iron Leaves and Lead Squirrels this season! -jc