Pam B. Childs Memorial

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The 8th Annual Pam B. Childs Memorial will be on November 21 2015 at the International Disc Golf Center located inside Wildwood Park in Appling, GA.


A C-Tier PDGA CHARITY ENDOWMENT Presented by Team Monkey Dust Productions, Augusta Disc Golf Association, Latitude 64, and the IDGC.

The Ronald McDonald House is a place where families of children in the hospital can have a safe comfortable place to stay and eat and not have to worry about those things breaking the pocketbooks. My family has used their services in the past when my grandson was in the hospital for open heart surgery and it was a blessing to know you didn’t have to worry. Collin is doing great after hopefully having his last surgery in 2012.

The PBC has raised $17,050 since 2009 for the RMHC/Augusta.

Everyone always asks “Why do you run the PBC?”. On October 24th, 2013 Batman took a moment and explained why he gives to the RMHC all year long…

quotes1With less the one month before this years tournament the stress level is growing more and more each day. If you’ve ever run any kind of event you know what I’m talking about. I have been waking up around 4am each morning and can’t go back to sleep, laying there with my mind going a hundred different directions; What I should do, what I can do, and what I should of already done. The question comes up in my mind always… ‘Why are you putting so much stress on your self and how did you go from doing a tournament you started in 1999 called “STILL STUFFED” to trying to raise tons of money for a great cause?’ To answer that, and a couple of questions I always seem to get; such as who is Pam and how did we get involved with Ronald McDonald House I will start with the “STILL STUFFED” tournament.

 $7,500 Check to the RMHC/Augusta!
Paul & Tina presenting Betts (center) with a $7,500 Check to the RMHC/Augusta! 2013

In 1999 with the Patriots Park disc golf course finished and not a lot going on with tournaments, I thought I’d try my hand at running one after Thanksgiving and call it “Still Stuffed”. So on Nov 26 1999, I had around 25 people show up play a couple rounds, cook some sausage dogs and have a good time. Next year same thing but a few more showed up. Then we decided to play on Saturday as more might show up, and they did! This time, some Guys from Atlanta & Columbia showed up and the numbers were getting bigger. In 2004 I made it a PDGA sanctioned event, with 68 players in 2004 and 77 in 2005. In 2006 Pam and I divorced and I went back to doing a fun event instead of a PDGA sanctioned event but still a good crowd came out; and then things took a life changing turn, on Nov 18 the Sunday before 9th annual “Still Stuffed” we got a call that would change our lives forever: One moment of anger put us through a week of hell and we lost Pam on Nov 23, 2007. As friends do, Scott CrackelThomas Michael Doyle, and Jimmy Padgett took over the tournament that Saturday and we decided to rename the “Still Stuffed” Tournament to the “Pamela B Childs Memorial.

We wanted to make this tournament count for something, but at the time we didn’t have a cause but one would soon appear. The day before the funeral I got a text from Tara (My daughter) with a picture a pregnancy test that had the plus-sign and all was good untill we went for a sonogram and found out something wasn’t right with the Collin’s heart and more tests showed the he had a congenital heart defect called HYPOPLASTIC LEFT HEART SYNDROME WITH TRANSPOSITION OF THE GREATER ARTERIES. That’s a lot of big words to swallow when they are talking about your grandson. Collin was born on July 24, 2008 and had his first open heart surgery that September. When he had his 2nd surgery, the Atlanta RMDH had opened and we stayed there while he was in the hospital. It was a safe, clean environment to stay, sleep, and eat at. It allowed Mallory to at least be out of hospital for a while. We now have a cause to make the tournament mean something! Collin has had his 3rd and hopefully last surgery in 2012, and again RMDH was there for us. He is doing great and is trying his best to big a little brother to Mallory.

So now you may have a little more insight as to why I do what I do and why I text & email you and bug you about the PBC: quotes2My family is just trying to take a couple bad hands we were dealt and trying to make a better one…

We’ve setup an easy way for you to play for FREE: we have a Sponsor Form to help you pay your entry fee. You can ask your friends, co-workers and family to help you with your entry by donating to the Ronald McDonald House.

With each $10 of donation you will receive a raffle ticket (for a variety of prizes). The more money you get donated the more raffle tickets you will receive.

84 Players showed in 2013
84 Players showed in 2013

All players will receive Players Package, Lunch and whatever else we can get. Any and all players are welcome, NO players will be turned away. We will find a division for you to play in no matter your skill level.

-Paul “Batman” Childs, TD

any questions please contact me at 706-513-5610 or


Sign up the day of the tournament

Registration: 8:00 AM
Player’s Meeting: 9:15 AM

Entry Fees
$40 plus a Toy for all Amateur Divisions
$70 plus a Toy for Open Divisions. $30+ going to payout.


Tee signs $20
CFR Disc $20
Tee sign + CFR Disc $35
Scorecard $100
Course (9-holes) $50
Lunch (Sign near the food) $50
Awards (Sign on the Awards Table) $100
Batman’s Back (Sign on Paul’s back) $500


“PBC layout”
Round 1: Steady Ed holes 1-5 & 15-18 and 10-18 of WR Jackson.
Round 2: 1-9 on WR Jackson & 1-9 on Jim Warner shorts.

Because of early darkness you’ll be in 3-somes. We may split divisions up and let Open & Advanced AMs play together on Jackson & Warner first while everyone plays Ed & Jackson and switch 2nd round. So don’t be shocked if we mix it up a little.

Download the
Sponsor Form

The form is for players and non-players alike. ANYONE can get sponsorships this way and get in on the Raffle!

Register Online!

A note about this registration: There is no cost to “sign up” on DGS. Its there to help us make sure we can provide the best experience for you. Think of it like “I promise to play”. If you want to, you can pay for certain sponsorships of the tourney, its there as a convenience to you. You are more than welcome to continue to hand money to Batman as you’ve always done.

poptabConsider bringing items from the RMHC of Augusta Wish List.

We need PopTabs too! 

  • The Ronald McDonald House of Augusta receives over 4.6 million pop tabs a year, thats 3,600 lbs of Aluminum!


FB Like PBC Facebook Page (Go LIKE it)

Alternatively, you may send cash donations directly to the RMHC of Augusta

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Augusta 
938 Greene Street
Augusta, Ga 30901

PLEASE put “PBC Memorial” in the memo part of check or send along a note.

Betts telling everyone about the RMHC

Fun Facts and Notable Sponsors…

Amounts given to RMHC/Augusta each year: 2009 $1500, 2010 $1750, 2011 $2600, 2012 $3700, 2013 $7500, 2014 $11,000, 2015 $???

In 2013, we had a few people go BIG with getting Sponsorships. They got A LOT of raffle tickets and won some sweet prizes in the drawing.

Jack Korn, $445; CJ Nappier, $400; Evan Baker, $300; Joedy Godwin, $250

Past tournament results

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