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Club reminders on your cell phone!

Send the message @adga to 810-671-0737

It’s that simple! You will get at most, a few texts a month with meeting, event, work day, and other reminders.


** if you use Google Voice for messaging, you will need to send it through your phones native messaging app (the one you use for MMS) as GV strips the @ symbol from texts (for some reason).

IDGC Kids Day 2012!

The PDGA is hosting a Kids day on July 28th up at the IDGC.

I encourage everyone with a min-them to take advantage of the free event. Brian (the intern) has worked and is working very hard to make this a HUGE success!

…and the crazy part? They say you can drop your kids off and run off in parental bliss for a few hours. Obviously they are passing around some serious stuff at the IDGC on lunch break right? 🙂

But I say STAY with your kids and have a fun bonding experience!

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