Holy Cannoli!

That’s as far as my Italian goes.

We have a new benefit for members of the ADGA, and it’s sure to leave you stuffed…but save room for the Tiramisu!


If you pop over to Robolli’s Italian Bar & Grill (502-4 Furrys Ferry Road, Martinez 30907) with your membership mini, you will enjoy a great meal, excellent service, and 10% off your meal.
Use this benefit as much as you want!

Mike and Brendon are avid Disc Golfers and cookers of fine Italian food. They wanted to somehow bring the two together and with the help of the Club, it was made possible.

Stop by, order the Robolli’s Trio, and be happy…Make sure you tip the waitresses proper! (The Moscato aint bad either)

Remember: without the mini you won’t get a discount, so don’t forget it!


While we are talking about Robilli’s, they are the Title Sponsor of the Augusta Classic. They have given to us BIG time. So now we gotta figure out if “Robolli’s presents the Augusta Classic”, “Robolli’s Augusta Classic”, or “Augusta Classic, presented by Robolli’s” rolls off the tongue proper.


ps; be sure to thank them for being a sponsor of the club and Augusta Classic